Sweeter than Serenity: September 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Waiting for Fall



If you live in the south, then you understand me when I say that I am tired of the heat. I don't mean, say, 75 degrees and too hot for fall weather. I mean, it's still 90 degrees around here and almost October! Ok, now that I got that rant off my chest, I can talk about this fun outfit.

It decided to be in the 70's for just a few hours on Sunday, so I broke out some long sleeves and thoroughly enjoyed it! You may be seeing a lot of green this fall as well because I can't get enough of this color right now. This shirt is so comfortable and less then $20 - such a steal! 

I got this bag on My Habit (visit this link to sign up for it). This exact bag is no longer available, but here you can find another bag that I just got from My Habit, and it is gorgeous and so functional!

Last thing, these glasses from Firmoo are my favorite. I always get compliments on them when I wear them, and they are so affordable (I payed less than $30 for these glasses)

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God Bless!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Must Haves for Fall

I am so excited to start dressing for fall, but the fall weather isn't quite ready for Arkansas yet (high of 92 yet again today!). Because I can't dress in my fall clothes yet, I have been dreaming up outfits and putting together a list of items that I think are absolutely perfect for fall. I love the deeper colored lipsticks, and I have these flats at the top of my wish list currently.

Have you seen the skirt trend lately? I linked one of my favorite skirts in this trend from Topshop. I'm personally quite a fan of this trend, especially when paired up with some cute boots or booties for fall! Will you be wearing this trend?

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Top 20 Booties Under $50

Are you looking for the perfect booties to complete your outfits this fall? Check out the top 20 pairs of booties that are under $50.

1) Tassel/Fringe Booties

Tassel/Fringe booties are all the rage this fall. I already own one pair of booties with fringe on them, and I am definitely looking to add more. Booties with tassel/fringe will make your outfit much more fun and adds so much personality!

2) Peep-Toe Booties

These booties have been popular for a long time now, and this trend is definitely not going anywhere. They are the perfect transition booties as well - I know I have been wearing my peep-toe booties like crazy since it still hasn't cooled off at all for fall.

3) Colored Booties

I'm sure you have plenty of black and brown boots and booties, but how many colorful ones do you own? Think about adding a gorgeous pop of color to your outfit with some colorful booties. A great place to start is with the color of your favorite sports team for attending games.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fav Curling Wand on Major Sale!


So, I snapped this photo on my phone tonight to show off my curls that I got with my new curling wand, the NuMe Classic Wand 25mm (I apologize for the graininess of a phone photo, I was in a hurry!). My old curling iron broke, so it was time to get something new (and my hair dryer broke a few days later, but that's another story). I wanted to share this with you because this wand is currently on MAJOR SALE! You can find the curling wand here, and get excited, because even though it says that it is $139, I have a special code for you. If you enter the code CURLYGIRLY, the curling will magically change form $139 to just $27 in your cart. That is a savings of $112! 

I'm not sharing this just to get you a cheap curling wand either. I legitimately have never used a curling iron/wand that I love more than this one. I usually dread curling my hair, but it curls so fast with this wand, and it stays so much better! I get to the end of day with curls left when I use this wand, and it was pretty hit and miss as far as making it to the end of the day with curls with my old curling iron. If you're in the market for a new curling wand, or if you just simply want to try this one, now is the time to get it!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Simple, Healthy Recipe

With busy days, the necessity for easy and healthy lunch recipes that will keep me fueled and going become quite the necessity. I want to begin to share more of my lifestyle on the blog, and with that comes some of my go-to recipes. This particular recipe has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile. It is gluten free, paleo, whole 30 -- you name it, and it is probably absolutely acceptable for the diet (unless you're vegan or vegetarian, which in that case, you'll rarely see a meatless recipe from this carnivore!). 

My ingredients are so simple -- I mean really, who can't put together a 5 ingredient salad?
1) handful of blueberries
2) 1/2 small avocado
3) 4 oz rotisserie chicken (no skin)
4) 1 medium hard-boiled egg
5) 2 cups+ romaine lettuce (or spinach)

This meal (according to My Fitness Pal) is packed with 38 grams of protein, 17 grams of fat (most of which is good fats), and 15 grams of carbs with around 350 calories. I don't even use dressing because the blueberries and avocado add such great flavor that it isn't needed!

You could always add any veggies or berries to this salad that you like, and for a few added calories, bacon is a pretty great addition to this salad as well.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bleecker and Spring

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw where I attended at event with Bleecker and Spring a couple weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous jewelry line because it is so functional and affordable. I tried on a few pieces and I couldn't help but love how beautiful the pieces were, and I am so excited that they are functional enough to wear when I'm hard at work in the clinic with my patients this fall when I go on rotation. One of my favorite pieces is the bracelet with the tassel on the end. I've had a serious love for tassels lately, and I just can't get enough of it.

Bleecker and Spring is a company that was started by the gorgeous Leslie Marin (pictured above). She is from New York City, but her boyfriend recently started his residency in Little Rock, which brought her down to Arkansas to meet the great bloggers in the South! I am so excited to continue to work with her, and I can't wait to see what great collaborations she will come up with soon!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wedding Topics: Save the Dates

Wedding planning is in full swing over here, and yesterday I crossed another item off my wedding to-do list - buying my Save the Dates. Sending out Save the Date cards is an option that isn't for everyone, but after weighing my options, I decided that they were right for me. Here are my reasons for why sending out Save the Dates is important:

1) Your wedding is at least 9 months away from the day you got engaged

Chris and I are getting married exactly 9 months from the date we got engaged, and we don't want anyone to forget that we are getting married soon! Sending out Save the Date cards is a great way to remind your friends and family that you want them to be at your wedding, even if it is still many months away.

2) You are getting married at a busy time of the year

We chose to get married in May simply because we don't have any other options, but May is a tough time to choose if you want to have the only event going on so that everyone can come. I had the hardest time choosing a date that would satisfy everyone in my wedding party, which is why we resorted to a Sunday. Graduations and other weddings are just hard to avoid in May, but sending out Save the Dates allows your guests to plan ahead!

3) You are not getting married on a Saturday

As I mentioned, Chris and I are getting married on a Sunday. While this is not the norm, it is what worked the best for us. Sending out Save the Dates is very helpful in allowing your guests begin to plan ahead for a Sunday wedding and figure out their travel plans. It also allows those travelling from out of town to plan to take off work on Monday if needed, which is a great thing to plan for way in advance.

4) You have many out of town guests that will be attending your wedding

Going off #3, if you have many out of town guests, it's a good idea to send them some Save the Dates. Travel plans, flights, hotels, and taking off work takes quite a bit of planning, and the more time you give your guests to plan ahead, the more likely they will be able to attend your wedding.

I am so excited to get my Save the Dates in the mail, and you can be sure to see a post about how I chose my Save the Date cards in a few weeks!

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Friday, September 4, 2015


I am so excited to finally be sharing Chris and I's engagement story! The last three weeks have been crazy with celebrating our engagement, finding a dress and venue, and so much more! I am excited to get back to some regular blogging again, and I wanted to start off by telling you about my exciting news!

On August 15, Chris proposed to me. We were heading to Fayetteville that day to go to a friend's wedding, and the night before, he insisted that we needed to leave early in the morning so that he could eat lunch at his favorite restaurant. So of course, we left early. As we were approaching Fayetteville, he informed me that we needed to go to campus and search for both his and his families' names on senior walk and get some pictures of them, so of course, we went to campus to do that. As we were walking up the walkway toward Old Main, I noticed that he was acting a little weird, but we just kept walking. Then he stopped me, and proposed in front of Old Main among the beautiful trees of the arboretum. The best part? He had one of our friends who is a photographer hiding and taking pictures for us, and I couldn't be more thankful to have the moment captured.

After that, we decided to go and eat lunch at the restaurant that we had our first date at. I called my mom on the way and she was also acting weird on the phone, but I wasn't sure what was up. When we got to the restaurant, Chris had surprised me by having all of his family and my family there along with several of our good friends. It was an incredible moment to get to celebrate with them, and I am so thankful to have a fiance that is so thoughtful and knew that I would want to celebrate with them.

For those that don't know why proposing on Old Main lawn is so significant, the campus holds so many memories for Chris and I. It is where we met nearly 5 years ago. I remember playing capture the flag against Chris on Old Main lawn, the first time he spoke to me because he accidentally nearly ran me over in an intramural soccer game (we're both very competitive), the first time we hung out alone all because I asked him if I could drive his jeep (a story for another time, haha). I couldn't have asked for a better proposal and better way to start this next chapter of life with Chris. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and continues to support us each and everyday!

God Bless!