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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Favorite Fitness Apparel

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite workout apparel items that I have come across. First are the Reebok shorts. I currently have two pairs of these, and the waist band is the most comfortable of any pair of shorts that I have ever owned. It's soft and moves with you so well, just the perfect pair of shorts. I also want to share my new favorite workout tank shop, Cross Training Couture. They have the cutest Christian fitness apparel, and I could spend so much money on all of their clothing!

A new brand that I have recently found is Kiava. Their sports bras and tank are the cutest ones that I have seen in awhile. I am planning to order both the sports bra and the tank that I featured.

Lastly is these Underarmour leggings. I love everything Underarmour, but these leggings are my favorite ones. They are so comfortable, and unlike my Nike leggings, the waistband does not stretch out on these, which is a big plus! 

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God Bless!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snow at Sunset

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm excited to share an outfit post with you today as I have been greatly lacking in them lately! Even though I have transitioned my blog greatly, I still want to take the time to post some of my outfits, because I am definitely a girly girl at heart.

I wore this outfit to a beautiful dinner a couple weeks ago that was raising money for a great organization called Deliver Hope. It provides aid in all aspects of life to teens who have been involved in the juvenile system. As you can see, it was also at the same time that we got our one snow of the year here in Arkansas, so I had to come up with an impromptu outfit to accommodate the cold!

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God Bless!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Let's Workout At Home

Today I want to address one of the biggest hurdles in the fitness journey for most people, and that is time. Most of us have the hardest time finding the time to workout in our busy schedules, and I am included in that. I have tried so many different things when it comes to working out, but time has always been an issue. I've tried following my own lifting plan at the gym, but the time that I had for the gym was either super early in the morning or later in the evening when the gym is super packed. Neither of those times were ideal for me. I have also tried Crossfit, and honestly, I absolutely love Crossfit. The only downside to it is that currently the only classes that fit with my schedule are the 5:15 am and 6 am classes, and neither of those times are super ideal for me either. 

Enter The Master's Hammer & Chisel program. This new program from Beachbody is my new best friend. This is the first time that I have been able to successfully work out 6 days per week and fit it in my schedule! The workouts range from 30-45 minutes, and it's so easy to fit it in during breaks. The best part is that even if I am busy all day and don't get home until after 7 pm, I still have plenty of time to press play and get my workout in during the evening! 

I hear so many people say that once they get home from work, it's so hard to motivate themselves to cook dinner, and once dinner is over, it's nearly impossible to get themselves up and moving to go to the gym. That is why Beachbody workouts are so incredible, because the workouts come to you instead of you having to come to them. On top of that, there's no picking, choosing, or guessing on what you need to do with your workouts. You simply have to press play everyday while following the workout guide that comes with the DVDs. It doesn't get any easier. Plus, there are workout programs that fit everyone's style of exercise, so you simply cannot go wrong with a Beachbody program.

Does this sound like something that you would be interested in for yourself? Shoot me an email or drop your email in a comment below and let's chat about it! Sure, you could head over to the Beachbody website and purchase this on your own - OR, you could pay nothing extra and chat with me about it and have me as your personal coach while you do these workouts to help motivate you and answer all your questions, plus provide you with great extra resources!

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God Bless!

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Beginnings

Hello friends, I apologize for the absence this past month. If you have been following me on Instagram, then you know that I have began to make some social media changes. I took a month off to really think about 4 things:

1) Why am I blogging?
2) Am I still blogging for the same reasons that I was when I began my blog?
3) Is this blog bringing glory to God?
4) Is this blog portraying my real, everyday life?

To answer those questions, I will begin with #1. I am blogging for the purpose of sharing my life, experiences, and knowledge with others in order to better their lives. Did I feel like a daily outfit post was really bettering other people's lives? Sometimes maybe, but not daily. Therefore, I have a new focus.

Many of you know that I hold a bachelor's degree in exercise science, that I am a current Insanity Live and Boot Camp Instructor, and that I am pursuing my doctorate degree in physical therapy. All of these point toward one thing --> I am a very big health and fitness advocate, and I feel as if I am not using this gift as I should in my online presence. Because of this, I have made a new goal this year to begin coaching others in their fitness journeys and helping them reach their goals. Will I still have outfit posts? Of course! Duh, I love fashion :) (Fashion Fridays anyone?). But I really want to share a little bit more of my knowledge in the health and fitness realm and how I fit it into my daily, crazy life.

Question #2 gets a definite answer of no. I started this blog to share about my life, and while fashion and beauty truly is something that I love, my life does not revolve around it. This is a huge reason as to why I am working on refocusing my blog on what I originally wanted it to be.

Question #3 is something that I have struggled with. Again, if you have followed my Instagram posts, then you know that I have been sharing about my faith journey some and about the topic of being real on social media. I believe that my shift in the focus of this blog will bring more glory to God, and if I am bringing glory to God, then I am very happy with the change.

Question #4 really ties into question #3. My goal this year is to be as real as I can be with my blog and share not just the high points of my life, but also the low. So many times we don't want to share about our low points because it's not fun or it doesn't bring a smile. However, I think it's important to not get a false view of people that you follow on social media. They are real people with real, daily problems, and it's important to share that part of life, too.

I want to leave you with a verse that has been on my mind lately. "But be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourself" - James 1:22. I have been praying about the topic of this post for the last month, and it's time to do what God has called me to. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me!

God Bless!

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Monogrammed Christmas with Marley Lilly

Everybody knows that every new bride needs to have her new initials on pretty much everything she owns (but really, I'm obsessed right now with stocking up on items with my new monogram). Marley Lilly has everything you need in the realm of monograms. This sweatshirt is part of my collection of items with my new monogram, and I can't wait to get married in less than 6 months and wear it on repeat. Of course I had to put it on for some pictures though, because this sweatshirt is something that just had to be shared! At less than $40, it's such a great Christmas gift for your newly married or bride-to-be friends!

Along with the sweatshirt, I also had to feature this bracelet. It comes in so many fun colors that you can match it to wedding colors very easily. It would be a great bridesmaid gift, or a fun bracelet to wear with any and every outfit! I love my pink one so much, and again, I can't wait to wear it on the honeymoon!

Do you have a teen, bride-to-be, or just someone in your life that loves monograms? I highly suggest purchasing your monogrammed items from Marley Lilly this Christmas! A few other of my favorite items include the Monogrammed Tan Woven Herringbone Vest, the Monogrammed Taylor Necklace, the Monogrammed Downtown Tassel Purse, and the Monogrammed Scalloped Tote Purse. All of these items are so affordable and sure to make every monogram fanatic happy! 

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wedding Ready with Bridal Boost

Today I want to introduce you to a new product that I have begun to use, Bridal Boost. Bridal boost is designed with the busy brides in mind, as it helps to boost your energy, reduce your stress, give you healthier hair, skin, and nails, and it even gives you immune support.

My favorite thing about Bridal Boost is that there is absolutely no hidden chemicals that you don't want to have. Think of it as a multivitamin designed with the busy bride in mind. Below you can see a list of what is in Bridal Boost.

Even better, Bridal Boost is completely free of soy, gluten, nuts, dairy ,eggs. dyes, preservatives, and more. This was a great selling point for me, because I try very hard to keep my gluten and dairy intake to a minimum.

Since beginning to take Bridal Boost a couple weeks ago, I am already seeing a difference in my nails. I've had issues with them ripping or becoming brittle, but since taking Bridal Boost, I can tell how much more healthy my nails are becoming, and I'm sure the longer I take it, the better my nails will be as they continue to grow out. 

Do you have any questions about Bridal Boost? Be sure to visit their website where you can find all of their information, and of course, consult with your doctor before you begin taking this supplement.

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God Bless!

This post was sponsored by Bridal Boost. All opinions are my own.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Fall Fashion Last Hoorah

One of the best and worst things about the passing of Thanksgiving is the inevitable end of fall fashion and the beginnig of winter fashion. Today I want to give a last hoorah and salute to fall fashion because it is my absolute favorite time of the year for style, but as December is fast approaching (like, tomorrow), it's time to put away the fall hues and break out the Christmas outfits.

On the bright side, many of the pieces from this fall outfit are perfect for winter fashion. The blue blouse can be paired with some black jeans and a fur vest for a fun and festive winter look, and the riding boots would look perfect with a gorgeous red and green scarf. How will you be transitioning your fall wardrobe into winter style?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent mine with my family at my sister's house in Tulsa, and we had such a wonderful time!

God Bless!