Sweeter than Serenity: No More Bad Hair

Thursday, April 10, 2014

No More Bad Hair

If there's one thing that I really hate about the fact that enjoy working out so much, it's my hair problems. I am quite the girly girl, so I really enjoy fixing my hair and having it look cute all day long. However, with my frequent gym visits and group exercise classes that I teach, my hair just doesn't stay very cute looking for long.

Enter the wonderful invention of dry shampoo.
Tresemme is my personal favorite when it comes to dry shampoos. I have tried several different ones, and I advise you to be careful in which one you choose, because some of them do have very strong smells to them. This particular dry shampoo does wonders to post-workout sweaty hair. Even when you blow dry your hair to dry the sweat, the hair still has a matted look to it. Once you spray this Tresemme dry shampoo into your hair and rub it into the scalp, it instantly revitalizes hair and adds volume. Here's a secret, sometimes when I'm curling my clean hair (right after a shower), I add this dry shampoo into my hair to get extra volume and texture.  It just allows the curls to stay better in curled hair, and keeps hair from going flat when I straighten it. Overall, this is my go-to product for my hair.

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God Bless!


  1. I've never tried their dry shampoo, I'll definitely have to try it now! Thanks for the review!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Dry shampoo is a serious life changer! How did we ever live without it!?

  3. Omg I love it two great mind think alike is the only one I use.

  4. I seriously need to try this! I've never tried one because I wash every day (I know that's bad), but my hair gets super greasy easily!

    <3 Shannon

  5. Love this stuff!! Thanks for checking out my blog I love yours:)

  6. Ohh i need to try this product! Thanks for sharing!! Would love if you stopped by my blog to check out my latest post :)


    XO, Jess